Leadership and Governance | Pilgrim's Sustainability Report

Our Leadership

Fabio Sandri

President and CEO, Pilgrim's

Chris Kirke

President, Pilgrim's Moy Park

Charles von der Heyde

President, Pilgrim's Mexico

Andrew Cracknell

President, Pilgrim's UK

The Pilgrim’s executive team, under direction of the board, is responsible for the company’s operations. This includes implementation of the strategic, financial and management policies, as well as preparation of financial statements and other reports.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Implicit in our corporate philosophy is the importance of sound corporate governance. The Pilgrim’s board of directors sets high standards for our team members, officers and directors, and is comprised of five independent members, ensuring that credible, expert voices help guide the direction of our business. The board is responsible for reviewing the overall operating, financial and strategic plans and performance of the company and the process by which financial and non-financial information about the company is provided to management, the board and the company’s stockholders. In addition, the board also selects and evaluates senior executives and oversees appropriate policies of corporate conduct and compliance.

The Ethics and Compliance Group (ECG) has a dual reporting structure to the Independent Advisory Board and the CEO for JBS USA and to the Board of Directors and the CFO for Pilgrim’s.

The ECG is responsible for managing the JBS Foods and Pilgrim’s Ethics Line and for developing, administering and training on the policies and procedures ancillary to the Code of Conduct and Ethics, including anti-bribery/anti-corruption, anti-trust/competition, international trade and sanctions, conflicts of interest and gifts. Additionally, the ECG monitors compliance through investigations, assessment and analysis of the Ethics Line, and one-on-one consultations with employees regarding specific situations. All relevant Pilgrim’s team members received in-person training on anti-bribery/anti-corruption policy, including the anti-bribery laws of the U.S., the U.K. and Mexico. Pilgrim’s has a Supplier Code of Conduct, which is administered by the ECG, and requires third-party vendors to adopt and demonstrate the same commitment by following acceptable standards of business conduct and integrity and complying with all applicable laws, regulations and rules.

Pilgrim's Board of Directors

Gilberto Tomazoni

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Pilgrim's Pride Corporation; Global CEO, JBS S.A.

Andre Nogueira

President and CEO, JBS USA

Joanita Karoleski

President, JBS Amazon Fund

Farha Aslam

Former Managing Director and Senior Analyst (Food and Agribusiness Research), Stephens, Inc.

Vincent Trius

Head of Global Innovation, JBS S.A.; Former President and Director, Loblaw Companies Limited

Wallim Cruz de Vasconcellos Junior

Former Partner, Iposeira Partners, Ltd.; Member of the Board, Santos Brazil S.A.

Arquimedes A. Celis

Former Chief Executive Officer, Grupo Lala, Industrias Bachoco

Michael L. Cooper

Executive Vice President, Managing Partner, Chief Financial Officer and Director, Kincannon & Reed

Ajay Menon

President/CEO, Colorado State University Research Foundation

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